Company Name:

The Worthing Companies, LLC


Durham, North Carolina

Approximate Salary:

$65,000 Per Year

Job Category:

Property Office Staff

Position Type:

Full Time

Required Experience:

2 - 5 years

Required Education:

High School or Equivalent


November 2, 2018

Community Director

The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties

associated with the position of COMMUNITY DIRECTOR. While the following

information should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should

also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed.

Our company emphasizes a TEAM APPROACH and expects every person to perform any

reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives.

It is imperative that you review these duties, skills and physical requirements closely and

that you understand that, by signing this document, you are verifying that you can perform

all the duties, have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform

the job as described.

JOB BRIEF: The Community Director is totally accountable for all property

operations. The purpose of the Community Director is to effectively

manage and coordinate persons, activities and available resources in

order to accomplish property objectives as set forth by the Property

Supervisor and Property Owner. These objectives will include

maximizing occupancy levels and property values. In addition, the

Community Director will train the Associate Community Director to

assume all duties of the Community Director in the event of the

Community Director's absence.


· Conduct all business in accordance with Company policies and procedures,

Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act and all other laws pertaining

to apartments.


· In conjunction with the Regional Director, the Community Director will

assist in formulation of budgets for each upcoming calendar year. The

Community Director is responsible for staying within the established budget

guidelines throughout the year.

· Insure that all rents are collected when due, and posted in a timely manner.

Makes sure that all bank deposits are made immediately and deposits are

reported to the Corporate Office on a daily basis.

· Perform evictions as required on delinquent rents.

· Constant vendor/contractor communications concerning work scheduling,

billings, vendor relations and certificates of insurance. Community Director

is responsible for approving and submitting all invoices to Corporate Office

for payment.


· Hires, terminates, trains, motivates and supervises all on-site staff in order to

achieve operational goals of assigned property. This includes new employee

indoctrination, annual performance reviews, review and approval of

timesheets, instructing and advising on-site staff of employee procedures and


· Conducts on-going training with office staff; e.g., leasing paperwork,

workplace safety, and any other type of training that may be needed on a

daily basis.


· Insures that lease files are complete and that completion of leases is being

executed properly.

· Responsible for office opening on schedule, condition of office and model


· Attends scheduled Community Director meetings, usually held on a biweekly

basis at the Corporate Office.

· Maintains records on all aspects of management activity on a daily, weekly

and monthly basis. Submits required reports to Corporate Office on a

weekly and monthly basis.


· Maintain positive customer service attitude.

· Periodic inspection with residents of move-in/move-outs.

· Review all notices to vacate to determine the cause of the move-out.

· Initiate and implement policies/procedures to maintain resident

communications; e.g., complaints, service requests, etc.


· Physically walk and inspect property on a regular basis;

check on vacant apartments.

· Updates Apartment Status Report daily. Coordinates with service staff to

ensure timely recondition of apartments after move-out.

· Monitor and schedule all maintenance activities.


· Conduct market surveys monthly and provide trend report information.

Shop competition and be aware of neighborhood market conditions.

· Welcome and show property to prospective new residents. Also, handle

incoming phone calls from prospective new residents and complete

appropriate paperwork.

· Maintains awareness of market/industry conditions and trends via trade

publications, professional organizations, etc.


· Reports all liability and property incidents to the Corporate Office

immediately. Insures that all workers' compensation claims are reported and

proper paperwork is completed.

· Community Director will complete Safety Checklist form with maintenance



· Performs any additional duties or tasks as assigned by the Regional Director.


Position prefers at least 3 years experience in on-site property management; 1 year as

manager. Must have background in supervision and successful track record of


Computer Skills: Word Processing/On-Site Rental System

(Must be proficient with a calculator.)

Work Hours: 40 hours per week. Must be available on weekends for staffing needs

and emergencies.


· Stand and walk or sit alternatively depending on specific needs of the day. Estimate

60% of time is spent on feet and 40% sitting at desk.

· Have occasional need (33% to 66% of the time) to perform the following physical


Bend/Stoop/Squat Pick up litter, filing

Climb Stairs Inspect and show property

Push or Pull Inspect and show property, open and close doors

Reach Above Shoulder Inspect property, store/retrieve supplies

· Have frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to perform standing and walking

activities related to inspecting and presenting property.

· Constant need (66% to 100% of time) to perform the following physical activities:

Writing/Typing Corporate, resident communications

Grasping/Turning Telephone, doorknob use

Finger Dexterity Operation of office equipment

· Lifting/Carrying (paperwork, deliveries, files, miscellaneous):

Over 25 lbs. Rare need (less than 1% of the time)

20 lbs. - 25 lbs. Occasional need (1% to 33% of the time)

Less than 20 lbs. Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time)

Under 10 lbs. Constant need (66% to 100% of the time)


· Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to complete forms, read and review

reports and a wide variety of correspondence, view computer screen. Frequent need

to see small detail.

· Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to see things clearly beyond arm's reach

(inspecting property, neighborhood surveys).

· Must be able to determine colors properly because of decorating, design, paint

colors, etc.


· Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over telephone and in

person with property owners, corporate and resident management, vendors,



· Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over telephone and in



· Frequent need (20% to 25% of the time) to utilize personal transportation to inspect

apartment property and surrounding neighborhood, make trips to the bank and also

visit the Corporate Office.

· Must have valid driver's license and automobile insurance.


· Indoors (66% to 100% of the time); frequently outdoors, all conditions (33% to 66%

of the time).

· Occasional exposure to caustics, solvents, oils, fumes, flammables, pesticides, etc.

(less than 10%).


· HIGH. Must be able to apply principles of logical thinking to define problems,

collect pertinent data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions and initiate appropriate

course of action. Must effectively convey ideas, images and goals to a diverse group

of personalities.


Community Director must complete the following tests:

· Spelling

· Math

Company Name:

The Worthing Companies, LLC


Durham, North Carolina

Approximate Salary:

$65,000 Per Year

Job Category:

Property Office Staff

Position Type:

Full Time

Required Experience:

2 - 5 years

Required Education:

High School or Equivalent


November 2, 2018

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